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How to choose the “right” engineering program

We have thirteen engineering programs and we know one of them is right for you.

Which one? That's a choice only you can make, but we can help get you started.

What type of engineering is right for you?

Take the quiz to help you answer that question and learn about the the Engineering programs at Waterloo.

What type of engineering is right for you? Take the quiz.

Engineering self discovery questionnaire

Professor Gordon D. Stubley, P.Eng. has put together a two-step process to help you determine which program is right for you and to help you feel confident in your decision.

Follow the steps to find your best choice.

For program-specific information, including examples of co-op and grad jobs, visit our Engineering Programs pages.

Another more general quiz that you might find helpful is one developed by the American Society for Engineering Education. Their “Assess Yourself” web site can help you answer the question “Would an engineering career fit your interests and lifestyle?”