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Meet Our People

John Yeow
Professor, Systems Design Engineering

John YeowYears ago, when John Yeow was working part-time at Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital, he had an epiphany. Yeow realized that as an engineer, he could make significant contributions to improving biomedical instrumentations so healthcare workers could do a better job diagnosing and treating disease.

The young PhD student followed that path and in 2009 became the first Canada Research Chair in Micro and Nanodevices, researching highly selective sensors. The systems design engineering professor is working on a miniaturized catheter device for internal body imaging that will assist physicians in the early detection of diseases such as cancer.

He and his team are also developing miniaturized X-ray devices to be integrated into CT machines. The benefit? They will provide high-quality images with lower radiation power.

“There is no end to the development of medical technologies,” he says. “There is always a better way to do things.”