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Meet Our People

David Clausi
Professor, Systems Design Engineering

David ClausiBasketball. It’s fast. Fluid. Look away for a second and you’ve missed something. So how do you keep statistics? David Clausi has the answer.

David, a systems design engineering faculty member and former basketball player, has spent the past four years developing CREZ, a software package that runs on a Tablet PC. CREZ’s touchscreen input lets record-keepers scribble without taking their eye off the ball.

But it’s more than just a high-tech clipboard. Handwriting recognition turns jots and codes into structured, searchable data. Timestamps are added to captured video. The result is a database that lets users easily find the statistics and video clips on, for example, all three-point shots taken by player 32 in the last quarter of every game of the past three seasons.

After years of beta-testing the system with the Waterloo Warriors, David released CREZ commercially. Look for it courtside at the NBA some day soon.