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Linux | KdeSetup

Some sensible defaults were created for KDE by using the menudrake menu editing tool and by modifying the system wide config files. Under /usr/share/config system-wide kde settings can be modifed to create sensible defaults. By adding a $i to settings they can be made mandatory. A few settings were made mandatory such as disabling any command that needs root privileges to run and disabling menu-editing. Most of the changes are in kdeglobalrc and kdesktoprc.

Also the welcome desktop link was deleted from /usr/share/apps/kdestop and /usr/share/nautilus/default-desktop. Furthermore, mandrakegalaxy was deleted from the /usr/share/autostart directory allong with other unneccessary kde services that were being started.

The kde website contains documentation on changing the default configuration and creating mandatory settings. There is also a kiosk admin tool that allows most of the desktop to be locked down. Unfortanately I could not get this tool to work with Mandrake so I copied the configuration files it created to the system-wide configuration directory in /usr/share/config.

-- DavidCollie - 20 Sep 2004