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Linux | Linxus103


Linxus103 serves as the configuration (cfengine) server for linxus workstations, as well as hosting apt-proxy for mirroring debian and ubuntu repositories.


linxus103 acts as the cfengine server for managing cfengine clients on the linxus network.

The most important (and easily broken) aspect of cfengine's operation on linxus103 is the /config/ directory. This contains updated copies of scripts used by cfengine as well as updated copies of the passwd and shadow files pushed down by Push_Pass. This directory is updated automatically using bazaar and an automated script (/usr/sbin/ If the cfmaster bazaar archive ever has to be rebuilt, this automatic process will break, due to incompatible revisions, and the /config/ directory will have to be recreated using bazaar on the root account.

-- AlexBencz - 15 Aug 2006