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"Linxus" (Nexus-integrated Linux Client) Documentation

Project Overview

Linxus (Links-us) is designed to be a Waterloo Nexus (our Windows XP network) variant with Linux client workstations. Existing Waterloo Nexus back-end infrastructure is employed to provide authentication, file storage, roaming profiles, printing, etc. The client workstations in public labs are diskless thin clients. These connect as X terminals to a central Linux application server.

The application server is a dual processor (Xeon) with 1 GB of RAM. It is running Ubuntu 8.10 (Hardy), to provide the user environment, since this is a well-developed, general purpose Linux implementation. Authentication of users is against the Nexus Windows domain controller. Log-in and Log-out scripts manage SMB/CIFS connections to network file and profile servers.

The diskless thin clients boot from the network via PXE (with Intel NICs). The IP addresses and boot images are deployed via DHCP and TFTP servers running on Engineering's FreeBSD server infrastructure.

The user environment employs a log-in browser similar to the on the Nexus log-in screen, and other custom tools that notify the user of their disk quota usage, etc.

-- SteveCarr - 23 Jun 2005






Server List

The following is a list of the Linxus servers, their roles, and the main software installed on them.

Host Name Role Software
linxus Application server Application Software, thttpd, apt-cacher, server for Eng status monitors
linxus101 DECOMMISSIONED Mirror of linxus, server for Eng status monitors
linxus103 DECOMMISSIONED thttpd, cfengine2, apt-proxy

-- DavidCollie - 05 Jul 2007