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Linux | PXEBoot

The Knoppix cd contains a package called knoppix-terminalserver which allows a server to be setup to PXE boot other machines and replicate the livecd image to them. The main components of this system are dhcp3, tftp, nfs, and syslinux. The terminalserver package generates the required files for the /tfptboot directory and prompts the user for configuration requirements. Once the range of ip addresses have been entered into the dhcp pool machines capable of PXE booting can obtain an ip address, mount the cd image, and run from the KNOPPIX compressed image over the network.

With this setup it would be possible to create one server to push out a livecd image to a large number of kiosk machines. It would even be possible to create a modifed kiosk cd image that includes the knoppix-terminalserver package. A "master" kiosk could be designated and all of the other kiosks would boot from it. This approach addresses the problem of managing a large number of kiosks. Instead of running around replacing cd's every time an update is needed only one cd is replaced.

-- DavidCollie - 12 Nov 2004