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Linxus on Ubuntu 7.04

Ubuntu shares many simmilarities with Debian, however there are many important difference in how the two distributions operate. This page will keep track of compatibility of ubuntu with debian linxus packages and tools.

Linxus Packages

The linxus package repository can be easily accessed in Ubuntu by adding the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list or to the synaptic package manager accessible in X-Windows.

deb testing main
If this repository times out while attempting an apt-get update check that apt-cacher on linxus is correctly configured.

Only the linxus-login-browser, and linxus-quota-applet packages have been tested and made available.

Automatic Install

The official way to automate installation of Ubuntu 6.06 is using a preseeding script. Current documentation and examples of such a script can be found on the Ubuntu "alternate" cd available from the Ubuntu website.

Currently work is in progress on automating the setup of files detailed above for the operation of cfengine and linxus authentication.


At the current time CIFS appears to be reporting the actual size of the partition instead of the exported share. When a user mounts their N drive via CIFS instead of see the 300MB size set by quota, they see the total partition size. For instance user dccollie mounts his drive as /home/dccollie/N and it is reported as 500 GBytes while the quota is actually 300 MBytes. At the current time it is uncertain if this can be fixed on ecfile1 and ecfile2 with a Samba server configuration option.

-- DavidCollie - 12 Jul 2007