Which engineering programs are right for you?

Do you prefer to work in an office or outdoors? Would you rather have invented the automobile or the Internet?

We’ve surveyed Waterloo Engineering students to find out what makes them tick. Take our quiz to see what students who share your interests are studying, and where you might fit.

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How does it work?

This quiz was created with assistance from students in Management Engineering. Learn more about the data-mining techniques that power it.

What field interests you the most?

I would like to have been part of the team that was responsible for:

When you start work, ideally you would want to...

I would rather design something that..

I would rather work as part of a...

When working on a project would you rather:

What cause do you care about the most?

You are most likely to eavesdrop in a conversation regarding

In an ideal setting, you are working with: